BDF Receives Communications Equipment to Bolster Security

BDF Receives Communications Equipment to Bolster Security

Mon, 05/15/2023 - 16:49
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By: Omar Silva, NP Staff Writer

Belize City, Monday 15th May 2023

Belmopan, May 15, 2023 - The Belize Defence Force (BDF) has received a significant boost to its communication capabilities with the provision of state-of-the-art equipment. In a ceremony held today, the Ministry of Economic Development presented the BDF with a range of communications tools, valued at BZ$146,450. This equipment, acquired through the Belize Integral Security Programme (BISP), is part of a larger initiative aimed at improving citizen security and is funded by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Leading the handover event was Dr. Osmond Martinez, CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development, who presented the equipment to Hon. Oscar Mira, Minister of State in the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security. This initiative is a crucial step toward strengthening the capacity of the BDF and empowering its officers to provide enhanced security for the people of Belize.

The newly acquired communications equipment comprises ten sets of mobile-based stations, repeaters, handheld radios with integrated software, and a variety of fixed and mobile antennas suitable for both urban and jungle settings. These advanced radios will significantly improve communication capabilities for the BDF, particularly during jungle patrols and in times of natural disasters.

This delivery marks only the initial phase of a comprehensive package that will be distributed to various outposts later this year. The entire project, when completed, will amount to a total investment of BZ$13 million, covering infrastructure improvements and additional equipment.

Retired Brigadier General Dario Tapia, CEO in the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security, Brigadier General Azariel Loria, Commander of the BDF, and Mr. Elvis Requena, Project Coordinator of BISP, were among the esteemed guests present at the handover ceremony. Their attendance highlights the significance of this initiative in fortifying national security and ensuring the safety and well-being of Belizean citizens.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Development, the BDF, and the funding support from CABEI reflects a shared commitment to promoting citizen security and preserving the nation's stability. By equipping the BDF with cutting-edge communications equipment, Belize takes a significant stride toward an even safer and more secure future.

As the BDF continues to receive essential resources and support, citizens can look forward to a strengthened defense force that is well-equipped to address emerging security challenges effectively.